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Abstract Submission

Submission inquiry email:


Interested participants should submit abstract of one-page A4 (maximum) with single column as “.doc”.

The abstract should consist of a title, list of authors with full names, affiliation and email(s) of corresponding author(s).

The main body of the abstract should highlight the objectives and novelty of the presentation and the key results to be presented.

Experimental method is optional.

The abstract can include figures to illustrate the results.

Please refer to the sample template for the typographic requirements.



 J.A. Jonnson, T.Z. Wuu, X.Y. Kim (12 pt)

Affiliations of all authors (12 pt)

Email of corresponding author(s) (12 pt)

The abstract should be 1 page only and submitted Word file using link.

The main body of the abstract should be in Times New Roman (12 pt font) with left and right sides justified. Italics and underline should be avoided.

Figure(s) can be embedded in the text or collected at the end of the abstract. Only figure number(s) need to be included below the figure and centred with respect to the figure. Figures should be cited in sequence in the text.

Abstract file name:

Author (First name-surname) _theme_short-title

  1. Photovoltaic technology: Materials, devices, and systems (PV)

  2. Hydrogen Technology: Materials, production, and utilization (HT)

  3. Energy Storage devices and Micro-grid (ES)

  4. Hybrid Energy Harvesting System (HE)

  5. Passive/active cooling and low-energy buildings (PL)

  6. Blockchain, Machine learning and AI for Decarbonization (BM)

  7. Recycling and Sustainability (RS)

  8. Sustainable Composites Technologies (SC)

  9. Water (WT)

  10. Membrane science and application (MS)

  11. Quantum computing (QC)

  12. 12. Sustainable materials for healthcare applications(SM)

  13. Power Electronics(PE)


Abstract Format:

English, Times New Roman (12 pt font) with left and right sides justified, 200 words.

Selected accepted papers will be e-published in Conference Proceedings (Edited Volume with ISBN) and in Special Issues.


Authors who are registered will be provided with the Consent and Release Form. These forms allow the organizers the right to use, distribute, publish, exhibit, digitize, broadcast, reproduce, and archive, in any format or medium, whether now known or hereafter developed any materials, including written, audio and visual works. One of these forms is required by each speaker in order to present at the conference.

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The GCDEM 2023 is pleased to announce Special Achievement Award (SAA) (one for the student category and one for the post-doctoral category) supported by Sustainable Chemistry One World, Elsevier. The winner will receive a certificate and a monetary prize of EUR 150. The selection will be from the reviewer committee based on research achievement and physical presentation (ORAL/POSTER).

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